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  • As a writer, editor, and blogger, I’ve gotten to work with DailyCandy D.C. and DailyCandy Kids D.C. as their founding editor and with outlets like Apartment Therapy, Coco and Kelley, The Washington Post, Elizabeth Street, Poshbrood, & Fathom.


  • I’ve worked in the arena of video, creating short films and early internet videos, judging and organizing film festivals, curating gallery exhibitions of digital art, and working on the conservation and transfer of archival art films.


  • As an oral historian, I conduct oral history interviews for groups and organizations like the Smithsonian Institution, The Archives of American Art, as well as for private individuals. It has been such an amazing pleasure to interview people like Anne Truitt, Shepherd Fairy, Kehinde Wiley, Alex Ovetchkin, Bob and Courtney Novotgratz, Hugh Newell Jacobsen and so many others. I also help set up oral history programs and projects for organizations who want to begin this kind of collection.


  • I do voiceovers and narration to accompany art exhibitions, program introductions, and for CDs for various groups and museums.


  • With Bayly Lamond, I consult on businesses as varied as tech companies, boutiques, and fashion lines to bakeries, restaurants, and hotels to kids play spaces, night nurses, and parenting groups.


  • I’ve lectured at the secondary and college level, given talks,  led panels, and done a variety of TV appearances on the topics of trends, fashion, branding, blogging, lifestyle, parenting and kids.

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